BREAKING NEWS (What’s happening right now that demands attention?)

All breaking news follows the Inverted Pyramid. See how it works:

From narrative to news, learn how to shape your story here:

For an overview of the many facets of journalism, visit this site:


FEATURES (What ongoing stories contribute meaning to the community?)

Feature news follows the Pyramid. This site shows all five elements in order:

This site provides detailed Feature writing instruction and a template:


OPINIONS (What issues exist and what perspectives are needed?)

The New York Times provides tips for Opinion writers:

Duke University shares how to write effective Opinion pieces:

Here’s an Op Ed template from the California Medical Association you may use:

Examples of Op Eds from the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, and LA Times can be found here:


SPORTS (What’s happening with the teams and/or athletes that compete?)

The nuts and bolts of sports writing can be found right here:


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (What’s happening with expression in the community?)

Learn from A & E stories at The Wall Street Journal:

Learn from A & E stories at The Boston Globe :

Learn from A& E stories at the Los Angeles Times:


HUMANS OF GA (Whose unique story becomes universal in meaning?)

For excellent instruction for Humans of NY storytelling, go here:

For Humans of New York story writing tips, check this out:

Visit the Humans of New York website to experience the hearts of the whole:



Here’s an entire chapter available for journalism enthusiasts:



The BBC reviews “the principles of good writing” in this video: