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Nicolle Christine Figueroa is a young woman with a bold Hispanic character, a vivacious spirit and a voice fueled by a fervent attitude. She serves as a leader for SADD and Diversity Club and is both a poet and dancer. Coming from a family and culture that cultivates passionate outspoken personalities, Nicolle strives to express herself. Born and raised in Ohio, she's learned to blend American and Hispanic cultures for a unique perspective of the immense world around her.

Brother Bob: Mission Everywhere

Mentoring and Identifying the Self  As I entered Brother Bob Livernois’ office, I was welcomed with a warm smile and a pleasant “please, sit down.”...

Diversity and Inclusivity: The Fine Line

New Addition to the Team: Evan Richard Gilmour Academy’s niche grade for diversity could be a C+. To counter this, Gilmour has recently hired Mr....

Kelsey Cesar: Yearbook is YOUR Book

As the new Yearbook Coordinator, Ms. Kelsey Cesar sheds light on her vision for Gilmour’s yearbook and its impact as a whole on the...