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Nick Hawkins joins us from Westminster, Colorado. He came to Gilmour his senior year to further his hockey and academic career. Nick is an English student who enjoys writing more than reading because of how he likes to share his knowledge with whoever is reading his pieces of writing. Nick is a postgraduate student who lives in the dorms and plays on the boys prep hockey team. While going through the daily routine of a full day of classes and hockey practice, Nick puts in the extra work every single day. Whether it is spending an extra fifteen minutes on the ice or in the weight room after practice or even seeking out his peers for help with school work, he is always looking to be doing his best. Looking into Nick’s future, he plans on focusing on numbers, maybe in the field of a sports agent or an engineer. As we look at next year for Nick, he will playing junior hockey in a great spot where he will develop not only as a player but also as a person in hopes of eventually get the exposure he needs to play NCAA hockey. People will realize that Nick’s work ethic is what you need to be successful at the next level no matter where you end up, be excited to hear more from Nick in his upcoming articles that he will soon publish.

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