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Meredith Mallon-Jeffrey(‘20) is an exquisite writer who has a passion to reveal the truth and express different views from particular events. Her passion for writing sparked in the 7th grade where she joined Power of the Pen. Earning different awards and placing high in junior high school’s Power of the Pen competitions, she decided to bring her writing skills to The Lance. She continues to write for personal satisfaction and self expression at Gilmour Academy. If you want the inside scoop on the buzz going around campus, or student’s opinions about different events, Meredith’s articles are the ones to check out.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Looking for Colleges

In all aspects of life, balance is the key. A little too much free time, and some grow restless... a little too much to...

Mr. Brian Horgan Returns as Director of the Upper School

With the new school year underway at Gilmour Academy, new and familiar faces come together as a community. Policy refinement, tenacious hopes, trivial fears,...