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Kristen Oliveto is an invariably friendly, upbeat, and careful student. She has a passion for uncovering the untold truth about a plethora of issues. Kristen is a co-founder of Gilmour’s Just Write club and is a member of Peace and Justice, Lancers for Life, and Speech and Debate. Kristen loves working with younger children. Working with Lance, Kristen strives to add a positive contribution to not just the Gilmour community but to all. You may contact her at olivetokr@gilmour.org and can find her work at gilmourlance.org

Fair Trade Week at Gilmour Academy

Introduction:  “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything” ~ Alexander Hamilton. At Gilmour Academy, we are called to have the competence to see and...

Behind the Swoosh: Why Buying Power Matters to the Gilmour Mission

Introduction As a new school year begins at the Academy, Gilmour students are reminded to embrace the Mission: “To develop the competence to see and...