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Jayla Salter, a senior at Gilmour Academy, from Cleveland, aspires to go to law school and one day become a news anchor. She has had plenty of experience regarding the reading/english side to journalism, but she hopes to explore the actual hands on work a news anchor does. Her goal as a writer, is to provide information and stories that will make people excited and know the truth.Aside from writing, Jayla not only dedicates her time to her school work by taking several writing courses, but also spends time doing track.

Are Cell Phones Good or Bad in the Classroom?

The cell phone was invented in 1973, and this device has changed society. In 2017, phones are like mini-computers. Using apps, browsing the Web,...

Girls Basketball: State Champions

A team that has been chasing the state championship for years finally won it. After all of the team’s training and hard work, the...