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Gracie Bujoll is from Chagrin Falls, near Cleveland, and is incredibly eager to report and share her perspective on occurrences at Gilmour Academy. She is fascinated with service and writing, and she enjoys hands-on learning experiences. Uniquely, Gracie does not want to work in an office, and aspires to apply her love of interactive experiences to her future; thus, delving into the field of reporting through journalism excites her. Her dream is to make other people happy through many different mediums and hopes to continue to pursue this through her writing. Gracie is looking forward to continuing her education at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is planning on studying Urban Development and Journalism.

Clubs: Students Initiate Passionate Starts and Current Impacts

Gilmour clubs offer students opportunities to find their voices and develop confidence in being who they are. If students have passions that aren't represented...