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Cathy, a 9th-grade international student at Gilmour. It's my first year to experience and adapt to a boarding school. I will invite readers to explore Gilmour with me through my uploaded articles, so as to know the most interesting activity information from the most authentic perspective. Meanwhile, I'll let more people know about the real abroad life of international students. Fresh, accurate and real-time are my goals.

Meat plants were asked to remain open amid pandemic

As COVID-19 got worse, the whole world was in a panic. More and more people face fears of being laid off. As some states...

Stay Safe: Wear Masks

Deadly virus--- Coronavirus Almost the whole world has fallen into chaos because of the terrible Coronavirus. America confirms about ten thousand new cases per day....

New Chinese Students at Gilmour

In January 2020, Gilmour welcomed two new Chinese exchange students. Sam Luan ('24) and Jerry Zhu ('24) began their “explosion trip” in 8th grade....