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Communication Is Key


How Does Communication Play a Large Role in Daily Life?

Communication is an essential aspect of daily life because it helps us better understand one another and develop sincere, personal relationships with those around us. However, there are different ways to communicate with different people depending on their personality; therefore, it is extremely significant to be mindful of those around us in order to speak to them in a respectful manner that will get the message across the way we intend. If not, people may form reputations that are completely inaccurate solely because they misunderstood what you were trying to communicate with them.

This type of situation can occur in many different circumstances – in the classroom, on the athletic field, with a group of friends, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to be an effective communicator who speaks authentically, gives the honest truth, and is a good listener who will respect and appreciate others’ thoughts. In doing so, you will be viewed as a reliable individual who others can look to if they are facing issues or solely need someone to talk to. 

How is Communication Crucial on the Athletic Field?

The importance of communication is sometimes left unnoticed. Every day, people utilize the tool of communication to further their understanding and relationships with those around them. By doing so, the art of communication can sometimes be lost or even taken for granted. In sports, the reliance on communication is essential in developing strong team chemistry on and off the court. What some people often don’t realize is that this communication comes in multiple different forms based on the teammate, coach, or official that is being spoken to. While some people contain a strong confident persona, others maintain a more timid or introverted personality; therefore, whether it’s in a game or practice it is essential to evaluate the person who is being spoken to and modify the words or tone that are being used. In doing so, you develop a stronger line of communication and eliminate the gap between understanding and confusion. 

How is Communication Beneficial Within the School Community?

Along with the utilization of communication in sports, the conveying of thoughts and ideas through communication is necessary within the school community. In order to accurately approach teachers for help, students must efficiently communicate their need for help as well as how they need help. However, this kind of communication begins long before the student even approaches the teacher for assistance; it begins when students communicate their words and ideas to teachers in order to build relationships based on trust. Without trusting their teachers, students may not feel confident about approaching their teachers and asking them for help. A student’s ability to speak with their teacher is significant in their pursuit of success. With this success, the student will be able to establish a constructive relationship with their teacher and have an open line of communication that can help with their learning.

How Does Communication Affect Friendships?

In addition to both sports and academic communication, the way people choose to speak with their peers is crucial in how they are perceived and develop friendships. When it comes to friendships, communication can sometimes be misinterpreted. Whether it be texts or conversations, the way people choose to articulate their thoughts can be misunderstood and twisted into things they did not mean. Because of this, communication within friendships is more important than ever. Additionally, when there is a lack of direct and honest communication, there can be an opportunity for friendships to disperse and even become toxic. More often than not, among teenagers, direct communication can be lost through texting and rumors. It is fairly common to hear of words being spun to lift a person’s ego and make themselves look better. But if these spun words are false, this kind of communication can then lead to drama and the possible ending of friendships. Due to a lack of communication, words may not be taken as they are meant and can become a whole new idea. 

How Can We Take Action to Avoid a Lack of Communication?

Without question, communication is prevalent in our world and can sometimes be utilized incorrectly, causing immense amounts of confusion. However, every day, we must strive to gain a better understanding of those around us in order to accurately portray ourselves and our thoughts. As members of the Gilmour community, we are responsible for creating a more humane and just society. Nonetheless, we can fulfill this mission daily by expanding our horizons and making conversation with new people each and every day. Rather than staying within our personal bubbles, it is extremely important to reach out to those we may not often see or speak to. We can extend genuine invitations of inclusiveness and acceptance. Isn’t that worth talking about?

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