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Lancer Seniors Vote for the First Time


Before noon on Saturday, November 7, major news networks announced that former Vice President Joe Biden was projected to win the 2020 presidential election, edging out incumbent President Donald Trump in a rather unique election that spanned days after the final vote was cast. As states recount votes to certify their results, this election resulted in an outpouring of early voting and mail-in ballots. In general, this election proved to be special to Gilmour seniors who voted for the first time.

Ben DeMell (‘21) and Julia Pangonis (‘21) commented on their first voting experience. DeMell said, “I was finally able to support the candidate that I think would run the country the best.”

Ben DeMell, who voted for the first time, is also a Penn State Baseball commit and a 4-year letterman. Photo Courtesy: Mr. Neal Busch

Not only was this election unique in the extended wait for the winner, but also for the number of votes garnered, with both Biden and Trump succeeding the previous record of 69 million set by President Barack Obama with 74 and 70 million votes respectively. Pangonis said, “I felt that this year was more important than ever to step up and make my voice heard, so I felt like it was my duty.” Pangonis expressed that she could not wait for Election Day, so she voted early but still had to wait. She said, “The wait to vote was about two hours. There were so many people just waiting in line.”

Julia Pangonis (Left), who voted for the time is a University of Cincinnati commit for soccer. Photo Courtesy: Mr. Neal Busch

DeMell voted on November 4 without having to wait. He said, “I just walked in and voted. There was no line. One of the local candidates was at the ballot box introducing himself, and I was able to meet and talk to him, it was a cool experience.”

Both Pangonis and DeMell said their voting experience was a big moment, and many seniors agreed that voting in the 2020 presidential election was a big moment for people everywhere.