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People Should Be More Civil

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

It is the year 2020, and I am thinking that people are not like they used to be. It seems is as if we were all programmed to self-destruct this year: not a few of us, but everyone. With the paralyzing pandemic and the contentious election, this year has been absolutely crazy. Nowadays, people have turned to blaming others, rather than taking responsibility.

I do not understand why people intentionally mistreat each other. For example, the Coronavirus has caused so much harm to this world and instead of everyone fusing together and attempting to tackle this problem, everyone is trying to blame each other for it happening. This animosity is crippling both our country, and this entire world. Things are not how they used to be.

Furthermore, with this being an election year, the environment is even more toxic.  Some of the blame for global warming and climate change is even placed on President Trump.  How can a country truly be unified if people attack their own leader?  I think it’s impossible; without being able to support your own leader, how can we support each other?

I offer this solution: put the past behind us and move forward as ONE United people. Not as Republicans, not as Democrats, but as Party: the American Party. Yes, putting the past behind us will be difficult, but moving forward with positive intentions for each other will be better than what we’re doing right now.

I challenge each one of you who are reading this to move forward. It is time for this era of torment and blame to change, once and for all. It does not start with “them,” rather, it starts with “you.”  No more segregation, no more discrimination, no more putting each other down, no more negativity, just love and smiles. You and me. Us. U.S.