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Should TikTok Be Banned in the U.S.?

Photo Courtesy: TikTok.com, Fair Use

TikTok, a popular social media platform for teens, is at risk of being banned from the United States due to the security threat it may pose. President Donald Trump feels threatened by TikTok because the app is owned by China, and he is afraid that China is collecting information about the U.S. from this app (https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-addressing-threat-posed-tiktok/). Many users are upset about this because it has become very popular for kids today as a form of entertainment and, in some cases, has become a job for many popular influencers on the app. 

Matt Benisek (‘21) said that TikTok is “an app where people post videos of themselves dancing or lip-synching for fun and entertainment.”  Benisek, who is in AP government, said, “The US wants to ban TikTok because they do not want the Chinese government to have access to American information.” In addition, Benisek (21) added that “America is upset about TikTok because there are so many uncertainties surrounding it. While there are so many people who are able to make money off of their videos and influence other users, there are also reports that China is using the TikTok videos to gain information about the US which is scary to think about.”

Ellie Morgan (‘21) said she started using TikTok “in the summer of 2019. The app started out as just a joke and something fun to do/watch, but as more people began to use it, it became more serious where people were being paid to be influencers on this app.” Morgan described Tik Tok as different from other platforms of social media in the way that it is short videos that are fun to try. Doing the trending dances appear fun to try with the thrill of possibly going viral.”

Frankie Valenti (21) is a frequent TikTok user and keeps up on the news with what has been going on with Tiktok. Valenti said,  “TikTok first began as another app called Musical.ly then it became TikTok in 2018. People originally started using the app as a joke, but as it became more popular, users started getting famous off of it and began making money as influencers on the app.” Valenti also noted the controversy. He said, “TikTok may be taken down because China owns it, and Trump doesn’t want the Chinese government to be able to access our information.” 

The TikTok app appears to be popular among teens because it is fun to use, people can gain significant attention, and money can be made when users become influencers. Valenti (21) said, “If this app gets banned, many people I know will lose money.”