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Fall Sports in Full Swing


Despite the pandemic, fall sports are in full swing at Gilmour Academy. Student-athletes exercise COVID-19 precautions while practicing and playing in Football, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf and Cheerleading. 

This aerial shot of Gilmour’s campus shows developments added over the years, including sports fields and facilities.

Before classes began, the girls soccer team was asked to quarantine and Emma Adams (’21), a captain on the Varsity team, felt nervous and vulnerable during the team’s two-week quarantine.

Adams said, “We just tried to stay positive and be responsible by remaining in quarantine so we could get back to playing.”

Gilmour Academy Athletics follows strict guidelines when dealing with COVID-19 and does so to protect the athletes and to try to maintain as much of a season for these athletes as possible.

Adams and Timmy Sargi (’23), a starter for the Varsity Football team, both expressed appreciation for the privilege to play. Adams said, “Most of us haven’t played a game since February. Normally, we’re playing through the summer in club leagues, but that was canceled.”

Sargi said, “I appreciate it way more than I have before because we almost didn’t have a season.”

The entire Athletic Department is impacted by COVID-19.  Assistant Athletic Trainer, Mr. Desmond Holmes, said, “Everything is different. Our protocols are more extensive. With school in session, all students are taking their temperatures and being screened every day. We also make sure our student-athletes have all their gear and personal water supply to participate in their sports.” Mr. Holmes explained that sports remain important for building bonds between the student-athletes, coaches, and everyone else involved.  

This season is much different than it has been in the past. While students are not required to wear their masks during play, they do wear their masks to and from the field or court. Student-athletes also must wear masks on the sidelines. As students play to enjoy their sports, COVID-19 rules are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Sargi said, “We don’t want our season to be cut short because COVID-19 rules weren’t followed.”

Since the start of the academic year, the Academy has had zero reported COVID-19-positive cases. 

Gilmour recently renovated Weber Stadium.