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Young Voters Ready for Presidential Election

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November is the 2020 Presidential election, and some seniors will be voting for the first time. At least 15 seniors will be casting votes for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Given pandemic concerns, their first voting experience will be unique in history. 

Rush of mail-in ballots

According to CNET, American voters are expected to vote by mail to avoid contact with others. However, the US postal service may not have the funding that is required for the rush of mail in ballots arriving this fall. During an interview on Fox Business, President Trump said, “They need that money in order to have the post office work, so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.” Many voters are concerned if

Mail-in ballots are thought to be secure, however, some fear that they may be lost in the mail.

their mail-in ballot will get lost in the mail and their vote will not count in the 2020 election. In Ohio, voters have a choice to decide between going in person to vote or to mail in your ballot. Voters wanting an in- person experience can expect lengthy lines due to social distancing requirements.

2020 Presidential Candidates 

The candidates for the 2020 election are President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. President Trump is the Republican candidate while Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate. Some polls suggest that Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump. At the Pew Research Center, supporters of Biden and Trump gave their reasonings

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In November, either Joe Biden or President Donald Trump will be elected for the next four years as President

as to why they are voting for their candidate. 56% of registered voters who are in favor of Biden explained they wanted to vote for him because “He is not Trump.” The main reasons that registered voters said they would vote for Trump is because of his leadership and performance.

Young Voters Have Opinions Too

Three seniors at Gilmour Academy, Reese Fedele, Gavin Hawk, and Mitchell Lamosek, have mixed emotions about turning 18 and being able to vote for the first time. These students are already registered to vote for the upcoming 2020 election. 

Fedele expressed her nervousness about turning 18 and said, “Being able to participate in mature situations is scary, especially when they can be very controversial.” She continued to explain how she is nervous about the upcoming election, because she has a mixed feelings, which leads her to question if she is making the right decision.

Many young voters will be casting ballots for the first time.

 Lamosek and Hawk are more than excited to vote. Hawk explains how he is “very excited to vote, but very nervous about the outcome.” These two students believe that President Trump will be re-elected.

Lamosek explained how, “at the last election, Hillary Clinton was ahead, but when election day came, the silent majority of Trump supporters came out and Trump got elected.”

When asked about voting privacy, Fedele said, “Some people are more conscientious of people’s opinions while others say what they want to say. I think it depends on if their family openly talks about politics.”

Lamosek said that he will be “straightforward” when talking about politics. He believes that many people are “scared to hurt friendships and trigger other people’s views. People are scared that they will think differently of them.”

“Debating over politics at a young age will cause controversy and will start arguments,” Fedele said. 

According to Fedele, Hawk, and Lamosek, students who have turned 18 should vote because if students want to make a difference in society and use their voices, voting is the only way to make a change.

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