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Teachers Appreciated During Coronavirus 2020

Ms. Brianna Lazarchik teaches 9th and 11th grade theology. She has portrayed a great example of how to run her classes during these difficult times because every day, she has a discussion question so her students are engaged and ready for class. Students can be the best learners of faith.

Teachers adapt their leadership:

When it comes to our Gilmour Community, I believe that we should celebrate our faculty and staff here at the Academy.  For one, they have had to completely change how they run things from classwork as well as how they give homework out over this new digital platform. My mother is a teacher at Gilmour, and I see firsthand how this pandemic has totally changed everyone’s style. She works at the Lower School, and I’m equally amazed at what I see happening at the Upper School. Even with all these hard times of not seeing everyone in person and getting to talk, I feel our teachers are doing a phenomenal job. They’re really helping us feel much better about getting through this difficult time. So I think we should be celebrating and commending our teachers for their stellar efforts.  

Teachers help no matter what:

Ms. Melissa Hamburg teaches 9th grade English. She has a daily Zoom class with her students and makes sure that no matter what, everyone is doing their best work while having fun too.

As students and parents feel the toll of this pandemic, I see how our teachers have put their students’ needs first. Having students finish the school year with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment appears to be every teacher’s goal. All seniors have lost their last months of school, and their teachers made every effort to help seniors finish strong and feel special. Whether choosing the Senior Award recipients or attending the Car Parade, teachers of seniors are

Mr. Jeff Klein teaches 9th grade Physics. Being interactive and helpful with his students, he always has positive feedback and great lessons each day to make this quarantine something better.

showing great support through these tough times.  In conclusion, even though everyone is struggling through this pandemic, this is also the perfect time to reflect and thank all the teachers for all they have done for us.