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Despite Pandemic, Teachers Guide Students Meaningfully

Teachers find such fun ways to engage students. During Halloween week, these "players" dressed up as characters in the game of Clue. Students tried to guess, whodunit? Photo Credit: Mr. Neal Busch

The Unprecedented State of the World

Mr. Ray Screnci helps his students in mathematics continue to learn by putting together engaging videos of daily lessons. He also makes himself available to students for help on Zoom.

The coronavirus changed the world over the past few months. With schools, businesses, and stores closed all around the world, everyone continues to adjust to the new normal, even when many states are partially re-opening. For students and teachers, many schools have remained in session with distance learning in place. At Gilmour, remote learning requires flexibility and hard work from everyone involved. 


Teachers Helping Students

Señora Thayer enjoys teaching her Spanish classes online. She makes herself available at any time to answer questions for her students.

Gilmour teachers have modified lesson plans significantly in order for students to learn online. This is no easy task. Figuring out how to teach a new math unit or take any assessments from home presents more challenge than it may seem. Gilmour teachers have been more than helpful in giving students the right resources to assist them in learning new lessons. To stay in touch with their classes and allow distance learning to work for every student, teachers have adjusted to regular use of Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Google Classroom. These are just a few applications being used to make online learning effective and even exciting. And every application has many features being utilized to increase engagement.

Recognizing their Hard Work

Dr. David Seibert works around the clock. He helped his AP World history students be as prepared as possible for their AP exams. Students found his Zoom meetings to be highly engaging and helpful.

There is no doubt that this is a very stressful and overwhelming time for everyone. So it is important that the teachers’ hard work and perseverance to help students does not go unnoticed. Despite being at home, teachers are making sure that their students are still receiving the highest quality of learning possible, even without being in the classroom. Teachers are working above and beyond. From making YouTube video lessons to planning out Zoom discussions, teachers are giving everything their absolute all. Throughout the pandemic, teachers are still so supportive of their students.

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