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Stay Safe: Wear Masks

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Deadly virus— Coronavirus

Almost the whole world has fallen into chaos because of the terrible Coronavirus. America confirms about ten thousand new cases per day. On May 11, the number of confirmed cases in the United States rose to 1,373,491 at 1:00 p.m. (East American time), with 81,009 deaths, and 257,773 patients recovered.

A big leak in negligence

The CDC issued its first public alert about the Coronavirus on Jan 8, and the U.S. government announced restrictions on Jan 31. In just four weeks, the virus spread out of control.

The United States continues to have the highest number of confirmed cases in the world. This has been referred to as a time of great cataclysm in humanity. COVID-19 was definitely not as easy to handle as experts or governors expected it to be at first. It not only damaged the world, but the stock-market meltdown and rising unemployment are also devastating nations.

How did the virus spread worldwide?

The Coronavirus spread in China and then rapidly attacked Italy, England, America, Japan, German, France, and the rest of the world. This is a huge blow to both developed and developing countries. Since China is the first country to encounter this virus, it’s also the first country to control the virus. People in the world began to know the symptoms of the virus, including the way the virus spread, and how to theoretically prevent this virus from spreading. Taking Chinese traditional medicine appears to be an efficient way to address this virus and has been proven to work. Depending on different administrative and political systems, medicinal approaches may not be considered useful in other countries. In America, for example, the FDA does not allow the imports of traditional medicines. Only masks are permitted. 

Why do people need masks?

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Although Americans and Chinese have different cultural norms, wearing a mask is a useful and convenient method to cut down the infection chain. COVID-19 is spread by saliva droplets and close contact with people.

Those infected have an incubation period that is unknown to them. Everyone should wear a mask to stop some droplets from being transmitted. Asymptomatic infections are accelerating the speed of infection which is easily ignored and then turns into positive cases eventually.

People should get into the habit of wearing masks when they go out to protect themselves at all times. This is being most responsible for you and for the health of others. It’s best for everyone to have proper knowledge of their own bodies. Don’t feel too confident about physical conditions. Wearing a mask is not a shameful thing; it is a normal and effective way to help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. The longer the virus lasts, the higher cost all people will have to pay.

How do people choose and use masks properly?

The types of masks are generally divided into four categories: disposable masks, medical-surgical masks, medical protective masks, and above-particulate protective masks (like the N95). The first two types are suggested for people who are staying at a non-crowded public place like if you work in airports, supermarkets, and restaurants. The last two types are recommended for health care workers in isolation wards or for hospital staff who transfer patients, take field samples, and test workers. 

When you wear a mask, adjust it until the mask is sealed on your face, sealing your nose and mouth completely. But be careful when you help kids wear their masks. Do not use adult-size masks for kids. The parents should always pay close attention to kids’ conditions during their time of wearing masks. If kids feel any discomfort, adjust the mask, or change the mask out.


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