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Prep Team Starts Yoga Before Playoffs


When you think of a hockey player, what do you think of? Probably a big strong guy who likes to hit and fight. But what if I was to tell you a major factor in hockey is the ability to be flexible and mobile? Well, the Boys Prep team has begun to take advantage of that asset by doing yoga every Monday morning before school. Coach Mike Chiellino has managed to get the boys into yoga and the team really seems to be enjoying it. 

Will Robinson is a post graduate from Nova Scotia, Canada. He happens to be the biggest kid on the team weighing 200 pounds and being as tall as 6’3. Will loves the new yoga before school. He said it has really helped benefit his play on the ice and has made his body feel great lately.

In Will’s own words: “Being one of the bigger guys on the team, it’s always been harder for me to be flexible because of my lengthy body. I’ve been dealing with hip and groin problems my whole life. Hockey has definitely taken a toll on my body. But yoga lately has helped me out big time. My hips have felt great lately on the ice.” Will added that he feels like a whole new man. 

William Robinson
Will Robinson who is a post graduate on the prep team.

Aidan Rudolf, on the other hand, who is a senior from Leesburg, Virginia,  is a goalie on the team. He is the exact opposite of Will. He’s one of the smaller kids on the team but is extremely flexible and can even do a split on the ice. Aidan said, “Being a goalie I have a much different job than everyone else on the team. I have to be able to be extremely quick and flexible in order to make saves. My flexibility is one of the biggest assets in my game and yoga has helped me even more with it.” Aidan also said how we really wants to be able to help other kids out on the team who aren’t necessarily the most flexible so they can feel even better.

Aidan Rudolf
Aidan Rudolf who is a senior on the prep team.

Finally, Taurin Haddon-Harris is a post graduate from Boca Raton, Florida and he said how yoga is 100% worth it. He said how sometimes as an athlete you have to be willing to give up something to better yourself. For example the boys have to wake up much earlier than most students on Monday’s because school doesn’t start until 9:30 but yoga starts at 7:45.  But Taurin says how it is worth it in the end because if your body feels good then you are going to be “flying” on the ice and that will only help benefit the team in the long run. 

Taurin Haddon-Harris
Taurin Haddon-Harris who is a post graduate on the prep team.