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Boys Prep Hockey Makes Playoffs


Boys Prep Hockey has their annual league playoffs approaching. Mr. Timon Veach, the Lancers assistant coach, gave some insight as to how the team is shaping up with the playoffs ahead.

Mr. Veach explained that the prep team’s league, the Midwest Prep Hockey League (MPHL), consists of eight prep teams across the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Some of Gilmour’s top rivals in the league consist of Ridley College, Lake Forest Academy, and Shady Side Academy. Gilmour is currently in fifth place in the league and the last game of the regular season was on January 24.

Boys Prep Hockey has the opportunity of finishing anywhere between 3rd and 6th in the league. For the opening round, they have the chance of playing most likely either Bishops College or Shady Side Academy. This year the playoffs will be held in Buffalo, New York from February 14-16.

The prep team has never won the MPHL championship, although Mr. Veach said they are in a good position to have a shot at the trophy this year. According to Mr. Veach, the boys have a heavily skilled roster this year with many of them coming from being the best player on their past team. Mr. Veach said, “As long as the team can find a way to work together and all play their roles, they’ll have a good shot at winning.”

Mr. Veach also explained how the playoff format worked for the MPHL. He said that in order to win the championship, the boys need to play through a single loss elimination bracket of eight teams. In total, the boys will need to win three very difficult games in February if they wish to finally be crowned champions of the league. The team will be led into the playoffs this year by captain Jesse Galassi (’19)and will hope to get help from their top scorers Logan Cleary (’20) and Tanyon Bajzer (’21).