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Meagan Fowler: Your Needs Met


A Gilmour alum herself, Mrs. Fowler has been with Gilmour Academy for seven years, aiding the Middle School with support services. This year, she took on the role to oversee all areas of support for the entirety of Gilmour. She has a lot planned for the Gilmour community, and is doing all she can to push every student to their best ability, and to make them feel comfortable and welcomed into the school – no matter who they are.

Mrs. Fowler’s Role At Gilmour – What is it?

Mrs. Fowler oversees the Department of Student Support Services. This includes aid in all mental health aspects, especially counseling. Through this, she hopes to enhance the learning environment here at the Academy, both academically and socially. From small adjustments in studying habits to external services such as tutoring, Mrs. Fowler comes to the rescue. She notes that a very valuable part of her job is providing English support to international students so they can feel more welcomed and comfortable in a foreign environment.


It has been a slow, gradual transition into her role as a counselor, as she has grown to understand and accommodate to the different needs of all students at Gilmour Academy. When she began her work at Gilmour seven years ago, her main focus was middle school counseling. Mrs. Fowler has a background in school psychology, and after noticing her great talent, the Gilmour administration began to utilize Mrs. Fowler for more than just middle school support. The more she has met students in each grade level,  the more she understood what needed to be added and expunged. 

Expectations For This Year

Leaving the Middle School students was the biggest challenge for Mrs. Fowler, as she was worried about how often she would be able to spend time with the students that she got to know so well. She turned her fear into motivation and branched out to students as young as the Montessori program to the seniors in the Upper School. She created equal connections with them, while still making an effort to check on her middle schoolers. 

A Look Into the Future

Everyone benefits from mental health support services and personal aids, especially students. At Gilmour, the support services team understands the importance of, and makes it their job to meet every student’s personal goals. Therefore it is hard to have an exact plan for the future, as every class is different with different needs and goals. Mrs. Fowler’s plan for Gilmour is to stay as long as she can and help every student reach their highest potential. She aspires to make every student feel welcome, validated, and that all their needs are met.