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In Review… A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(from left to right) Vija Tessman, Pantelis Goudas, and Trinity Turk in character during the play

A Midsummer Spectacular

This semester, the Gilmour Drama Club performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream for their fall play. The performance was held in Gates Mills Community House for the last time before the opening of Gilmour’s new Loraine and Bill Dodero Center for Performing Arts. The play was complete with fairies, players, and lovers sharing comedy, tragedy, and notable moments.

The “players” perform one of their final scenes.

Grace Gainar (‘22) played Helena. She said, “This play is one of my favorites from Shakespeare. It’s great to see it come to life.”

Since this play is written and performed in Shakespearean English, the audience needed to be attentive to understand the script. All in all, the cast worked for months prior to put on this show, their performance of the comedy had their audience laughing and feeling empathy for the characters.

Last Hurrah for Seniors

Drama Club’s seniors before opening night (from left to right; Hallie Callitsis, Jason Wesley, Pantelis Goudas, Cody Tippen, Brian Davis, and Sami Sargi)

For the six seniors (Pantelis Goudas, Cody Tippen, Sami Sargi, Brian Davis, Hallie Callitsis, and Jason Wesley), this was their last fall play with Gilmour Academy. Goudas played the lead role of Bottom. He said, “I am appreciative that I had the opportunity to participate in such a welcoming and giving community. I will never forget this final play as a high schooler.”

Sami Sargi (‘20) said, “This definitely is sad for me. It’s my last play in high school. I have made such amazing memories in the Gates Mill House and in the plays.”

Sami Sargi 20′ (left) with Cody Tippen ’20 (right) act out an emotional scene.

While the seniors agreed that their final fall production felt joyous and bittersweet, they look forward to being among the first to perform in the Lorraine and Bill Dodero Center for Performing Arts. Tippen said he is “totally excited to do the musical in the new auditorium.”

Co-Performing Arts directors Lucas Clark and Gay Janis attend the dress rehearsal.

Ms. Gay Janis, Director of Speech and Drama, and Mr. Lucas Clark, Fine and Performing Arts Program Coordinator, are working on preparations for the Spring Musical.

Gay Janis in her natural habitat instructs the performers.

Jackson Sturtevant (‘21) is “anticipating the CPA. [He] is excited to see how it will affect and improve future productions.”

A Look Behind the Scenes

Before the play, the girls were sprawled across the makeup table, with hairspray, eye-shadow, bronzer, and curling irons awry. Oh, and glitter. Lots of glitter. The boys were busy getting into costume and rehearsing their lines. Moments before showtime, the entire cast seemed to exert much camaraderie when they all shared the same feelings of excitement and nervousness.

While doing her hair, Faith Smolik (‘22) commented that she was “only mildly freaking out but very excited” to get onstage.

Faith Smolik ’22 touches up her hair while prepping for the show.

When the clock hit showtime, Ms. Janis led the cast in a prayer and a set of tongue twisters. This tradition ended with a cast cheer meant to unite the Drama Club for the stage.

the entire cast of Midsummer gathered for a prayer and fun chants before opening night

During production, many actors stay in the back room. No one can talk, and many actors quick-change behind a small black curtain for their next scene. Some even sit in the basement if they have a while before they go out next, but there’s one rule everyone backstage must follow: be quiet!

a look at the backstage hangout during showtime

The Drama Club Delivered

All four nights (December 5, 6, 7, and 8), patrons filled the Gates Mills Community House for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The tech crew executed the lights, music, and special effects effortlessly each night.

from left to right; Jayla Pleasant, Lucas Clark, and Cayla See working the tech room

The “players” made the audience crack up with his antics and expressive emotions. Speaking of emotions, the love story embedded in the play brought tears to some eyes and undoubtedly warmed everyone’s hearts. In retrospect “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was performed beautifully, making the audience feel emotions of joy, sadness, laughter, and empowerment.

the cast chills out and enjoys some laughs at the end of a long performance