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Matthew Greenfield: Chief of Convocation


“I don’t like the phrase running convo… I coordinate, so I prefer the term convo coordinator… sometimes I call myself the triple C, or Chief Convocation Coordinator.” – Matthew Greenfield

Mr. Matt Greenfield (right) discusses Convocation plans with Mr Andy Andino (left).

The Chief of Convocation

A few years ago, Mr. Matt Greenfield was interested in making clubs and extra-curricular activities not only more advertised but more organized as well. He noticed that Convocation wasn’t particularly authentic in terms of finding the most passionate people to make announcements, especially when presenting clubs. So, the “Chief of Convocation” decided there needed to be a change, that the clubs should be represented by those who put their best feet forward into the organizations.

The Evolution of Convocation

This determined Instructor in Social Studies (and now, Fine Arts) thought that the old form of Convocation was disorganized and repetitive. Mr. Greenfield also aspired to change the timing of each announcement to be relatively equal, as he wanted to make sure every aspect of information was delivered proportionately. With these revisions, Mr. Greenfield hoped for a Convocation that delivered news to the students and faculty efficiently, while also providing a religious perspective.

Additionally, Convocation used to be hosted by different advisories, an unpleasant approach given the fact that certain people didn’t have the “heart” to be up there. With this in mind, Mr. Greenfield and the Convocation team decided to let different groups and clubs run Convocation rotationally. He redesigned a Convocation that was fueled by people passionate about their words and actions so that the audience could feel empowered and positive about each day ahead.

Using a stopwatch helps Mr. Greenfield make sure every Convocation is time-efficient.

In Mr. Greenfield’s words: “The new format is working, but is there room for more improvements?”

Even though Convocation’s new format is functioning effectively, the “Chief of Convocation” noted that nothing can be perfect. Therefore, he anticipates further improvements that can be established in his remaining time as Chief, before he passes on the “torch” of being the “convo coordinator.”

Mr. Greenfield explains how Convocation has always been an “organic program” because it always changes but there are certain things that simply cannot be changed, such as the Student Prayer and Prayer Intentions. He concludes that he would be willing to allow athletic teams to run Convocation in addition to clubs, but only if the students pushed for it.

Stepping Up to the Plate

In addition to directing Convocation, Mr. Matt Greenfield enjoys working with students in the Writing Center. Nathan Nootbaar (’22) takes note of his teacher’s help.

Mr. Greenfield is a one-of-a-kind man; with his intelligence and masterful improvising skills, he has turned what could be described as “dull school mornings of the past” to an exciting activity that every person in the Gilmour community can look forward to. Mr. Greenfield said, “Originally, no one wanted to run convo; advisories would kind of roll their eyes… but now, clubs are fighting for convo time, even the faculty is. It’s amazing to witness.”