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Elizabeth Edmondson: Opportunity for All


New Opportunities

Before becoming the interim Director of the Upper School, Ms. Edmondson had been an Instructor in English, Department Chair, and Director of the Middle School. She continues to be the Dean of Faculty and Director of Curriculum for grades PreK-12. In her new role, Ms. Edmondson focuses on new opportunities for students.

Big Changes Invite Inspiration 

From the start of the 2019-2020 school year, there have been many changes to how the school day operates and how the schedule differs from the past. Big changes include the addition of Community Block (an hour and a half of flexible time during the middle of our school day), and the new rotating schedule. In addition, Gilmour added a greenhouse and nature-based learning center as well as chickens, beehives, and a brand new turf field. According to Ms. Edmondson, it truly is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Gilmour community. 

Your Voice Matters!

Ms. Edmondson cares about all the students’ experiences and wants to hear about how students feel. She and the Wellness team have created surveys to see if the student body is doing well and adapting to the changes. Edmondson said, “I always look forward to hearing what students have to say.” 

Always Looking To Improve

Ms. Edmondson wants students to know that if they ever have a concern, comment, or question about anything this year, they should feel like they can go to her. In terms of Community Block, one problem that she has already seen arise is if a student has more than one club meeting at the same time. However, all of the problems thus far have been minimal and Ms. Edmondson feels there can be easy fixes to small problems. 

Better Relationships With All People 

One of the positives that has come about from Community Block is more relationship-building between students and their teachers. According to Ms. Edmondson, teachers feel like they are getting to know their students on a more personal level. Since teachers have office hours during Community Block, students can receive more direct attention. Students are encouraged to ask questions and get help in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Take Advantage of All Opportunities 

Ms. Edmondson’s biggest piece of advice to all students is to jump in with two-feet full force. She encourages students to take advantage of all the new opportunities and perks that Community Block and the new schedule have to offer. She wants to remind everyone how unique Gilmour is and all the positives that come with it. Students should use everything to their advantage and help to make Gilmour the best opportunity for all.