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David Pfundstein: Great Change, Great Responsibility


Being the Dean:

Mr. David Pfundstein enjoys being the Dean of Student Life and Leadership. His role allows him to build relationships, and he loves how each day is completely different. Mr. Pfundstein said, “I like being the dean, since I never knows what to expect while at work.” He also shared that the discipline piece of his job is the most difficult part for him. He always likes to hear students’ views before making any decisions. He wants to make sure students feel that they have been heard before they leave his office.

Biggest Goal:

Mr. Pfundstein said his biggest goal for the school year involves inclusiveness and treating everyone with respect. Mr. Pfundstein wants students to realize that “everyone comes with different stories and backgrounds each day. People need to be respectful, and never judge people.” He hopes students and faculty will live out inclusiveness and make Gilmour great. 

About Lunch:

Mr. Pfundstein likes how people are able to eat wherever they want. Students can grab and go their lunch. They can even eat while getting work done or meeting with teachers. In the real world, students and employees may be eating on the fly, so this can also prepare students for the future. Mr. Pfundstein expressed some concern for cleanliness and encourages everyone to make sure they clean up after themselves. 

Lunch Cleanup:

Mr. Pfundstein discussed how some clubs already want to be a part of the lunch cleanup duty including the Green Leadership Club. Ms. Darci Sanders, Nature-Based Learning Coordinator, is already in the midst of working with students in this aspect. Mr. Pfundstein suggested that different advisories could work to clean up the campus every week. Vacuums are also being added to the Student Center and Atrium to encourage students to clean up.

Time Management During Community Block:

For Community block, Mr. Pfundstein puts himself in the students’ shoes. Community Block gives students more opportunities to complete their workloads and join more clubs to become a part of the community. He knows students have been raised to be responsible enough to manage their time well and get tasks done during their free time so they can feel less stressed.

Community Block continues to need more attention. Specifically, lunch in the Commons during Mod 1 can be chaotic. Students need to effectively manage their time to get things done, participate in clubs, and eat lunch without losing too much time waiting in line for food. Students are encouraged to consider all options at the start of Community block rather than race to the Commons right away.

Mr. Pfundstein reminds students of the five main reasons why Community block was originally added to the schedule this year. 1) Students can take advantage of the clubs that were being offered. 2) Students wanting to do any internships have the opportunity to do that without missing class. 3) Field trips don’t have to take students out of class. 4) Rather than have special schedules for everything that comes along, Gilmour can have speakers and/or events during Community block. 5) Students can further develop their time management skills which also prepares them for their future. 

Block Rotation Helps Everyone:

According to Mr. Pfundstein, learning in the morning can be different from learning in the afternoon. Block rotation allows students to experience classes at all different times. Teaching classes at different times of the day can help teachers feel refreshed and alert. The rotating block schedule also benefits athletes who need to leave early for after-school games. Athletes don’t have to always miss the same class on the last block.

Mr. Pfundstein offers a thumbs up from his office. He encourages all: “Keep leading!”

A Great Year Is Underway:

Gilmour can continue to make this year great by taking the theme of inclusiveness and treating everyone the way they want to be treated. Mr. Pfundstein said high school is one of the hardest times in life due to the stress of having friends, pressures, academic goals, and athletic commitments. Students can follow the Mission by having the competence to see how things can be great and the courage to make every day all that it can be.

UPDATE 11-22-19, 1:24 P.M.: “Nature-Based Learning Coordinator replaced “environmental specialist” for accuracy.

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