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Performing Arts on the Move


Fall Play to be Performed in Gates Mills

This year’s Drama Club will present William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Gates Mills Village Community House from December 5-8. After this final off-campus performance, the Drama Club will prepare for the Spring Musical to be held at The Lorraine and Bill Dodero Center for the Performing Arts.

Ms. Gay Janis, Director of Speech and Drama, looks forward to performances in the new facility.

Ms. Gay Janis, Director of Speech and Drama, said, “This is our last opportunity to be down at the Gates Mills theater. When we first realized we could not perform in the Fine Arts Building, the Gates Mills theater community welcomed us and have been really super!”

Ms. Janis also shared that the Midsummer Night’s Dream cast is substantial at 32 students. Janis noted it has been challenging with practice during the community block since students go in so many directions at that time. The after school practices seem to be most reliable.

In relation to her excitement for the fall play performance, Janis said, “I’m so excited for the new theater, but I do have very warm feelings for the theater in Gates Mills. I will miss visiting the quaint village and the convenience of its location. However, this has always been seen as a transitional spot, but it really grew on me. I’ve waited 47 years for the new building and can’t wait to step inside.”

New Direction for Performing Arts

Mr. Lucas Clark joined the Gilmour community in September.

Mr. Lucas Clark is Gilmour’s new Fine and Performing Arts Program Coordinator. He graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a double major in theatre focusing on stage management and arts management and entrepreneurship. His temporary office is in the English Department.

Mr. Clark hopes to partner with outside arts organizations to bring new opportunities to Gilmour students, such as workshops and master classes along with visiting theatre companies, musical performances, and dance ensembles. Clark said, “We intend to expand programming to offer dance classes, more music lessons, and new performing arts productions to students. We’ll start with additional programs during community block, but we hope to transition into course offerings moving forward.”

Currently, Mr. Clark is assisting Ms. Janis with two Speech and Debate classes. Having graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mr. Clark sees high school years as an impactful time. “Arts education had such an immense impact on my life from an early age, I’m excited to pay it forward.”

Center to Open at Start of 2020

Construction is scheduled to be completed in late November. Then the building will be set to run for several weeks in order to ensure that everything is working properly.

By early January, the Gilmour community will be opening the new facility. Students will begin taking full advantage of its programs by early January.

10-11-19 12:05 P.M. UPDATE: Featured image replaced with more recent photo to show current progress.