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Everyone Smiles for New Turf


Long awaited but definitely worth it!

Students, teachers, and families came together on Friday, September 6 to celebrate the new turf. Mrs. Kathy Kenny, Head of School, thanked everyone for supporting the Academy. After Father John Blazek invited the community to bless the new turf, several coaches helped cut the ribbon for the ceremony.

Everyone got to enjoy and experience the new field.

Students of all ages and even parents went down to see the field. Some students enjoyed running around while others engaged in different sports activities.

On Saturday, September 7, the Boys Soccer and Football teams played on the new turf. For Football, nose tackle Christian Fowlkes (’20) said, “As a senior, I love the chance to play on this great field. It’s not hard like concrete, and it’s easy to run on.”

Soccer captain and right back Dylan Noall (’20) said,”Seniors are glad we can have this field for our last year. We’re a little jealous of students who will have this new turf for future years.”

New field means new opportunities.

Compared to the old field, the new turf handles weather better and curves for the water to run off. Furthermore, the new field has better paint which helps make the Gilmour logo and name more sharp. The new field also has safety nets on both sides to keep to the ball on the field.

The new field is to be enjoyed for a long time.

Mrs. Kenny said this field will last longer than ten years due to its advanced technology. Soccer captain and forward Allie Breen (’20) said, “Every game reminds us to appreciate this privilege by playing our best.” Breen continued to comment how happy she is for student athletes like her sister, Aggie, who will enjoy the new field for years to come.

10-2-19 11:50 A.M. UPDATE: The description of “sweeper” was changed to “right back” for utmost accuracy.