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Prep Hockey Season Begins


Prep players tryout for season.

The Prep hockey season starts October 2 against Team Ohio. This game should be a heavily contested game with a bit of an edge to it because of the rivalry. Players on both teams know each other and have either played with or against each other in the past.

The Gilmour Academy Prep hockey team has a long, vast, and successful history. Players express it’s an honor to be on the team. In order to qualify, players need to show they can compete at a high level with a fast-paced style and be able to make very quick decisions with the puck on the stick. 

Prep team is unique and upcoming.

The Prep team is excited for the upcoming season and hopes to be very strong from day one. Coach Mike Chiellino has recruited kids from all over the U.S. and Canada. New and returning players expressed their readiness for a great year.

Prep hockey is unique at Gilmour. The sport goes from October to March, even April if the team makes it to Nationals. The Prep team can then continue to play all year since it is a U-18 team and not a traditional high school varsity sport which only plays for an individual season.