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Gilmour App Clicks with School Life

Here is a look at the home page of the Gilmour App

The Gilmour App is here!

The Gilmour App is for all students and teachers that attend Gilmour Academy. The app offers multiple features that are designed to make life easier and better during the school day.

What’s on the Gilmour App?

The Gilmour App allows quick access to many shortcuts that can help users navigate and plan their school day. Convenient and easy-to-access shortcuts include the portal, daily news, messages, athletics, events, lunch menus, campus map, photos, and bulletin. Users simply swipe their fingers across the screen and click whatever suits their needs.

One popular feature allows students and faculty to receive instant notifications from Mr. David Pfundstein, Dean of Student Life. Another feature helps students easily get in contact with their teachers. According to several students, this app helps reduce stress and increase happiness throughout the busy day. 

How did the Gilmour App happen?

When Mr. Pfundstein first shared the idea for this app last spring, not many students showed interest. Over the summer, faculty and developers turned the idea into a reality. Students and teachers have been downloading and using the Gilmour App since the beginning of the school year. Mr. Pfundstein hopes everyone will find its features to be helpful and easy to use.

Can anyone use the Gilmour app?

Once downloaded, users need valid Gilmour Academy credentials to log in and access the Gilmour app. While using the app is not required, students and faculty are encouraged to explore this opportunity that is meant to enrich daily life at the Academy.

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