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Community Celebrates Founders Week


Time to Cheer for Holy Cross

Founder’s Week kicked off on Monday, September 16 as a celebration of Holy Cross tradition and history. To demonstrate inclusiveness and diversity, students, faculty, and staff created a canopy with several colors of yarn that adorned the campus near the Lower School.

During Founder’s Week, the canopy stood as a symbol of Gilmour’s celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Ms. Whitney Daly, Director of Mission Integration, presented the community with the idea of the canopy on Tuesday during Convocation. She explained its purpose after showing a video. Daly said creating a canopy elevates awareness of how everyone’s lives matter and intersect with one another.

Mr. David Kilkenney worked with students to create this video of the canopy’s making: https://vimeo.com/366762989/4df440e206

Community Creates Canopy on Campus

Ms. Karen Roxbury, Instructor in Mathematics, approached Daly about having the Gilmour community create a canopy on campus. Roxbury heard of the idea at her church and thought its positive message about togetherness and unity was aligned with Gilmour’s themes of inclusiveness and diversity for this year.

Roxbury said, “I like the idea of showing how all of our individual qualities come together to create a whole which is a lot more than any of us. You need the individual strings to create the canopy just like you need individuals to create community.”

Daly said the size of Gilmour’s canopy was almost as large as the canopy in the video. Daly said, “It was about 60 feet across. We estimated that our community used about 20 miles of yarn.”

The canopy was on display for one week after its completion. Elisa Flynn (`22) said, “When you’re away from the canopy, you see it all together. When you get closer, you see how each yarn strand represents one person. It’s cool.”

Students K-12 join together to lead Mass with banners that display the Charisms of Holy Cross.

Commenting on older and younger students celebrating Mass together, Christian Fowlkes (`20) said, “This further promotes inclusiveness in our community.”

Gilmour Celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

On Thursday, September 19, the entire K-12 community assembled at Weber Stadium for Mass outdoors. Students, faculty, staff, and parents celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows, the Feast of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Father John Blazek leads the entire Gilmour community in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows during Mass outdoors.

Father John Blazek led the community through Mass that included a special blessing of the canopy. Father John said, “This Mass is always at the heart of our Mission of Holy Cross. It all begins with our taking time to appreciate the beauty of each person here at Gilmour. As we make an effort to truly come to know each other, rather than just knowing what each other does, is a priceless treasure.”

Brother Ken Kane and Brother Robert Lavelle stand with the Gilmour Community to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Mass also acknowledged Brother Robert Lavelle and Brother Ken Kane for their 60 years of Holy Cross service. Taking all of Founders Week into account, Daly said, “This week celebrates and symbolizes who we are, but being a part of the Holy Cross community is something we live and experience each and every day!”