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Let’s Go…Into the Woods!


Starting on Thursday, May 9, Gilmour’s Drama Club will be performing “Into the Woods” at the Gates Mills Community Theater. The musical, one of Stephen Sondheim’s most well-known, follows many favorite fairy tale characters. From Jack and the Beanstalk to Little Red Riding Hood to Rapunzel to Cinderella, there’s someone for everyone.

Not only is Sondheim’s musical about Grimm’s fairy tales, but the drama delivers exciting twists. As a member of Gilmour’s Drama Club, I won’t give anything away, but a new story is introduced, which ties them all together; the Baker and his wife attempt to undo a spell that was cast upon them.

This particular musical is quite a challenge for high school actors. Sondheim is known for his difficult music, and this show is no exception. The entire first scene is one song, which sets the whole plot into motion. It is a whopping 15 minutes, but keeps you invested in all the characters who are introduced.

“Into the Woods” is a show where you can learn lessons about life. Every single character has a lesson to learn, and teach the audience at the same time. Every part makes a contribution, no matter how small.

This musical will mark the end of an era for the Drama Club. This is the seniors’ last show, and it is bittersweet for them. However, they know that the group has a bright future ahead. The Bill and Lorraine Dodero Center for Performing Arts will open many opportunities for students to participate in amazing performances. Students returning next year, myself included, will have a huge role in taking the torch and building a bright future for the Drama Club in the new performance space.

Everyone has contributed so that the seniors can have a great curtain call and encore as their days at Gilmour come to an end. The Drama Club works very hard to put on shows that people will enjoy and remember. When the lights go on, the actors engage the audience. The entire cast and crew hopes to see you there!

From some of the performers:

Leann Dulzer (’22) said, “Come see our show because it shows your support for the performing arts at Gilmour.”

Sophia DiPuccio (’19) wants people “to take a moment away from their busy and stressful lives and enter into a happy and magical place.” She also states “To support something at Gilmour that is not yet exactly in the spotlight, but through the shadows, shines bright.”

Clara Morgan (’22) said, “We’ve put our hearts and souls into it, and we’ve worked really hard to make it amazing. This show is a great opportunity to close out the end of an era because of the new theater.”

Michael Overman (’22) said, “Come see ‘Into the Woods’ because it is the last time the talented seniors will be performing.”

James Berner (’19) wants people to see our show “to experience one of theatre’s greatest classics.”

Grace Gainar (’22) said, “Come see our show to witness all of our hard work and passion that we can bring to life on the stage.”

Quinn L’Esperance (’19) said, “The show will truly be unforgettable. Not only because it is the seniors last show, but also so that you can witness the excitement the underclassmen have brought into their roles. I am very excited because we have a great group of underclassmen. I hope that they will do great things for Gilmour’s Drama Club in the years to come.”

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