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Gilmour Enhances Dining Experience


When Gilmour Students came back from spring break, there were obvious improvements made to the Gilmour Commons. However, there was more work going on behinds the scenes.

In the back of the commons is the new glass railing.

Mr. Mel Weltle is the AVI General Manager of food service operations. This is Mr. Weltle’s 13th year working at Gilmour and he is very proud of the new Gilmour Commons. Weltle said, “I love it. The new lighting and paint make it much more inviting.”

The new enhancements include a completely new roof and floor, new paint,  and brand new glass railings along the back. Mr. Carlton Smith has been working in The Commons for a lot of time and has experienced the setback of the leaking and he said, “It’s been a long time coming.”

Around the skylight, the Holy Cross Charisms will be displayed: Divine Providence, Forgiveness, Hope, Hospitality, Inclusiveness, Option For The Poor, The Cross and Zeal.

They are looking forward to more improvements such as a new aesthetic feel with elegant artwork. They are also installing the Charisms around the skylight to bring the Holy Cross faith into this aspect of the students day.

Other additions to the dining experience are the new options and locations that will be available next year. Pasta, specifically subs, pizza, and other Italian options will be available in the Athletic Center. Also, down at the ice arena, there is going to be multiple chicken and specialty burger options as American style cuisine.

Senior, Giana Vitale (`19) said, “I am so sad that I am not going to be able to appreciate the new food every day next year, but I am so happy to see Gilmour growing and providing endless options for their new students.” However, Vitale is determined to make it back on her breaks during college to experience the new cuisine.

There is a new Community Block is an additional block of 90 minutes where students will have the freedom to choose what they will do. With Community Block, the students are going to be able to explore new opportunities such as new clubs, capstone projects, extended lab blocks, where they choose to grab lunch, and teachers will have office hours. They are also encouraging teachers to take advantage of this free time to go on educational field trips.

Mr. David Pfundstein, Dean of Student Life and Discipline, is part of the team that has been working all year to make this new schedule work next year. Pfundstein said, “It’s a great opportunity for students to get more involved. Our daily schedule will be more co-curricular. The new schedule will also help prepare students for college.”

A rising senior, Maddie Puletti (`20), is extremely excited for all the new opportunities. She said, “With basketball almost every day after school, I was unable to go to all the club meetings that I wanted. I felt like I was missing out. I can’t wait to join more clubs next year and meet with them during the Community Block.”

Students who are committed to sports have practices and games after school and this often limits their ability to be in clubs or other extracurricular activities. This new schedule offers every student everything that Gilmour has to offer because during the Community Block they will be able to visit other clubs.

With the newly refurbished Commons, the new Community Block, and other additions, students will be able to explore more opportunities than ever before.

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