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Jack Kosar: Balance is Key


Jack Kosar is an aspiring athlete, scholar, and is “Best Humor” elect for the 2019 class. I have known Jack for about four years now, and I wanted to know more about his life outside of school. When asking him to hold an interview with me, he was more than happy to. When sitting down for the interview, Jack was focused and also eager to check the score of his favorite football team that was playing at the same time.

Jack Kosar wears his new Brown University Jersey.

However, we seemed to lose track of time right as we began to talk about his recent commitment to Brown University.

Brown University, located in beautiful Providence Rhode Island, is the perfect fit for Jack Kosar. He said, “I feel like I am at my second home when I am there. All the teachers and the coaching staff were so welcoming and I felt that they really wanted me there.”

This journey to be a D1 Football player was not easy for Jack. He humbly contributes much of his success to his family, coaching staff, and his strict schedule throughout the season.

Jack Kosar stands with his supportive family.

Jack’s demeanor became compassionate when he spoke about his family. He said, “With my schedule, it is hard to find family time. But my family and I always try to watch a movie once a week together so we can preserve this valuable time before I leave for college.”

His coaches at Gilmour have also become a second family to him. He spoke about how their encouraging words would continue to impact him as he goes to college in early August.

Starting the day with a vitamin-packed protein shake, and ending it with a good night’ s rest, will continue at Brown for Jack Kosar. Overall, he looks forward to experiencing new things, as well as sticking to his roots. Balance is key.

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