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CJ Charleston: Dedicated Competitor


While I was thinking about who to write, I thought of the most dedicated person I know. To prove this point, when I asked CJ to have this interview he said, “Sure, I’ll be on the court shooting hoops during my study hall, come then.” And there he was, C block, shooting hoops.

A big smile came across Cj’s face as I congratulated him about his recent commitment to Youngstown State to play football. Although he was a star football player since he was seven years old, he never thought that day would come, signing that paper. Youngstown state seems to fit CJ perfectly, and by the enthusiasm in his voice, he is going to thrive there.

This was about halfway through his daily schedule, after breakfast but before homework and basketball practice. During football, it is the same thing, every day. His dedication to his studies and his sports are truly impressive. However, he seems extremely relaxed and grounded when talking about his schedule.

CJ Charleston stands on the sidelines of his home field.

His daily schedule is so busy, I cannot imagine him having time to rest and unwind, but he does. He keeps bringing up how important his family is to him. He repeats how much his dad supports him but most importantly, “he wants me [Charleston] to be a good person”(Charleston).

Through all the busy schedules, his family keeps him grounded, relaxed, and confident.

One tradition Charleston does not want to see stop is his family watching him play football. Thankfully, this won’t have to stop since Youngstown State is close to home.

CJ Charleston running for a touchdown during his 2018 football season.

Cj has won over 40 prestigious awards throughout his four years at Gilmour, including The 2018 Tony Fisher Award for football, News-Herald All-Star for long jump during track and Gilmour Boys All Time Single Season Scoring Record for Basketball.

CJ will continue to grow and advance through life while keeping his family and values close to him. He has made some special connections at Gilmour, and he is sure to keep those throughout college. 

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