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Annika Corcoran: New for Detroit Mercy

Annika Corcoran representing her cherished number, "21".

Annika Corcoran is a Divison 1 basketball athlete who is known as a champion throughout the state of Ohio. Her passion came to fruition when she began playing basketball in 5th grade for the Chardon travel league. She continued to play with Chardon middle school, some AAU programs including Xtreme, SMAC, and MAC basketball and also played for Gilmour.

She also started speed and strength training in 6th grade. However, the summer going into freshman year at Gilmour, Corcoran tore her ACL on May 27, 2015. She was playing in an AAU basketball game in Kentucky and went to turn and everything turned except her knee. Corcoran said, “When it originally happened I was super sad and upset and didn’t really want to associate with anyone or talk about it”(Corcoran).

Annika Corcoran recovers from her injury in the hospital.

Corcoran chose to come to Gilmour essentially because of their basketball program, so coming into Gilmour without basketball was devastating. Although this was overwhelming to her at this time, this only made her more thankful for the game of basketball in the long run.

After her ACL tear, she began to rehabilitate at ADC training facility and with Gilmour’s strength coach, Danny Coughlin. She came back better than ever and has won many prestigious awards since then such as 2018-19 Northeast Lakes All-District Division II Player of the Year, 2016-17 D III State Champion, 2017-18, DII All-American through National Association of Private Schools. Her success does not just end in basketball, she is also a star track athlete and won district champion and news herald all-star.

Annika Corcoran represents her cherished number: 21.

As a widely known impressive basketball player, she received an offer to play Division 1 at Detriot Mercy, and after visiting, Annika knew it was her new home.


Corcoran is excited to start a new chapter both in school and in basketball. Annika is thrilled with the coaching staff and is excited to create new relationships with her teammates.

Corcoran has also had a passion for Criminal Justice and has completed the Forensic Science Class instructed by Ms. Jessica Simonetta at Gilmour. She is studying Criminal Justice and Intelligence Analysis in college and she is “super excited to see where that takes me because I have wanted to go into that field for a long time now.” Corcoran chose this major in hopes of helping people in a way that fits her personality and she will have a happy life in this field.

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