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Pinecrest: New Cleveland Attraction

Photo Credit: https://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2016/05/pinecrest_site_sits_quiet_in_o.html

Pinecrest. The outdoor mall with entertainment, shopping, and food that opened last year continues to grow. Located in Orange, Pinecrest has recently attracted new businesses such as Silverspot Cinema, West Elm, and Whole Foods. These additions help to provide customers with a holistic shopping experience.  Pinecrest is a one-stop shop for people with many interests and limited time.

For adults, there is a variety of restaurants, bars, and elegant activities such as candle making at Candle Studio. For those looking to enhance their physique, there are classes in yoga and pilates. Group workout sessions are also available.

Photo Credit: https://fox8.com/2018/04/17/pinecrest-in-orange-village-releases-roll-out-schedule-of-stores-restaurants/

Pinecrest offers a pristine hotel for those who are looking to stay a little longer. The European inspired AC Hotel is designed for big companies, families, and individuals who would like an overnight stay at Pinecrest. The Ballroom, Boardroom, AC Kitchen, and 145 guest rooms provide one specialized experience for just about everyone. Pinecrest also has apartments for those who love the area.

Gretchen Klens (‘19), is a dorm student at Gilmour Academy and was very happy to hear about the development of Pinecrest.  Located 12 minutes from the Academy, students can often be found visiting and enjoying this new hangout location. Klens said, “The variety of food and shopping such as Bipibop, Shake Shack and REI, gives my friends and I an opportunity to get out of the dorms to explore a different part of Cleveland.”

“Thread” early in the development of their small business.

Ms. Sade Cole, the manager at a new lifestyle boutique, Thread, said, “I love the up and coming area. We are surrounded by restaurants and many different stores that attract all people.”

Thread opened in December 2018 and has already established a strong record for solicitation. Cole said the store remained open past regular business hours during the holiday season to accommodate its surge of customers.

Currently, all spots for businesses are taken while new construction gets underway. Tim Diemer (`19) said, “Pinecrest is the perfect place for my friends and me to hang out. We always have so much fun.”

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