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On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Gilmour Academy launched the “Lancer Combo,” a snack box that offers the Gilmour community a quick and healthy meal on the go. The Lancer Combo consists of a main, a side, a fruit, and a drink. The new product is available for anyone to purchase at the Athletic Center concession stand for $5.00.

Lancer Combo Menu

Head Athletic Trainer, Ms. Kara Dolling, noticed that students often resort to vending machines after school for snacks such as chips, soda, and candy. She realized that they needed to find a cost-efficient solution to provide students with healthy meal options to deter them from junk food.

When students have hectic schedules after school, they need energy to get through the day. The Lancer Combo gives students whole foods and healthy calories that can be expended at clubs, sports practices, and on homework.

Dolling said “consuming whole foods rather than sugars and empty calories is extremely important. Our bodies cannot function on artificial and processed meals.”

Counting calories for dietary gains may be popular, but Dolling said the number of calories is not that important, rather it is the type of calories. Dolling encourages people to make conscious decisions about what they are putting in their body. Shortcuts including energy drinks, such as Red Bull, are not recommended because of their stated caffeine levels in addition to their hidden caffeine and sugar combinations. People can get all of their energy and vitamins from the foods they eat It is making the correct choices that are important.

If the holiday season is considered ‘dangerous’ for one’s health or weight due to the abundance of food at family gatherings and time at home for snacking. People can practice consuming foods in moderation instead of depriving themselves from what they think they cannot eat. This is especially relevant for students who are still growing in their adolescent years.

Overall, Dolling wants people to be aware that “having an excess of anything is never good, but that does not mean one cannot treat themselves. Remember to consume everything in moderation, and ensure that your body’s fuel and vitamins are coming from whole foods not substitutes. You need to put good food in your body.”

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