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From a Songwriter to Producer, Siena Shines as a Musician

Siena DePenti sings on Fox 8.

For nine years, Siena DePenti (`20), has been producing and recording music in her free time. She has been exposed to music from a very young age as her grandmother owned a performing arts center, and her mother toured the country with her band. Siena always had a passion for music. She wanted to do something with her talents and make her family proud.

Music is a part of many people’s daily lives, and the DePenti family loves music. After writing multiple songs, Siena developed her own unique approach to how she listens to music. She said, “Since I started to write my own songs, I’ve noticed that I started listening more closely to the words of a song rather than the tune.”

After years of hard work and dedication, Siena has produced five songs with another one on its way. She’s 15 years old and already selling music on iTunes. Her family, friends, and school are proud of her and continue to encourage Siena along her musical journey. She has enjoyed countless memorable experiences, but she shared that her favorite musical memory of all was “making a music video for my song called Vertigo with Nathan Kim” as they came up with outfits, scenery, and a treatment for the video together.

In previous years, Siena recorded songs in her family friend’s studio basement. She currently is recording at a private studio in downtown Cleveland and in Miami. She hasn’t been alone throughout this experience as her mom, who is also her manager, has been at her side throughout the entire process. Siena is entirely thankful to her family and friends for their positive influence and full support. “They all push me to stay focused,” Siena said.

Siena DePenti records her music in a professional studio.

The talented, vocal singer is mostly quiet about her success in the music field. She said, “I don’t like to share a lot of my unfinished songs, so it has been kind of a silent passion of mine.” Even so, Siena is very open to where the next step in her career will take her, and she hopes that wherever she ends up, she will be above all – happy. She recently produced and sang a song for Project Hope that her friend, Meredith Mallon-Jeffrey (’20) wrote the lyrics to. Both student artists were thrilled to learn they won the contest. Siena hopes to reach people through her songs.

Siena has learned from experienced people in the field along the way, and she offers her own advice to all those pursuing their dreams. “We are all so young,” Siena said. “We need to learn to listen to the advice of our parents, teachers, and adults because they have already been through our phase of life.”

Siena hopes that her music career will continue to grow in the near future and that she can continue to produce music. Her family, friends, teachers and school support her and are so excited to see the final product.

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