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Meredith Mallon Jeffrey Writes Play, Wins Production Prize


It seems that people can certainly get caught up in their own lives, so much so, that they struggle to find time for others. I’m a graduating senior playing baseball. I have many pre college responsibilities. Even so, I can’t let myself ignore the brilliance around me.

Meredith Mallon-Jeffrey (‘20) is a hardworking student who also plays lacrosse and volleyball. As a student athlete, she uses her minutes wisely to train and also keep her grades looking superb for scholarships. Luckily, she has study hall during my free block. So, we were able to chat together in the Student Center when I asked for an interview.

Meredith recently wrote a play in Mr. Greenfield’s Creative Writing class, and she won a contest. Her prize is dramatic; she gets a chance to have her play, “The Stray,” performed at the SCA Spotlight Youth Theatre on Friday, May 25, at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 26, at 2 p.m. Of this experience, Meredith said, “Mr. Matthew Greenfield, my Creative Writing instructor, offered endless wisdom and shared invaluable memories of his own play-writing experiences with all of us, the creative writers. For his action in the stabilizing of the work, I cannot thank him enough.”

Being that Meredith was “the kid that watches the butterfly instead of chasing it to catch it,” it makes sense to me that her stories are mainly based on human experience that she has observed. “‘The Stray’ is purely a treasure of my own tempestuous contemplation,” she said, “and actually the subjects of my play are a collage of characters collected from certain personalities that occasionally dance across my day-to-day path.”

She previously had no exposure to play-writing despite attending plays, musicals, and other theatrical shows. She never really saw herself being the author of a play. This was until her recent Creative Writing course drew her outside of her boundaries within, forcing her to create a contest winning play.

Meredith said, “‘The Stray’ serves as a kaleidoscopic inner monologue of ‘Indra,’ the main character, who struggles to survive in relationships of any kind, but chooses to let the memory of these relationships (as she remembers them) survive as a reality inside her head. The play calls each person to examine their own vices as they fabricate them, and the ‘moral of the story’ (in one interpretation) is that the lack of love for oneself, one’s neighbor, etcetera, causes a sense of ‘humanity’ to dissipate.”

I’m excited for Meredith at this early time in her life. Having little to no experience writing plays, look at what she’s accomplished.

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