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James Berner Wins Award and Gets Play Published

James' play recieved “Play of Meriotious Distinction” He also gets to have his pl;ay published

James Berner is, of course, a great writer and everyone at Gilmour should know this. He recently entered a play into a competition and received the award of having his play published.

Having something published is no small feat, but to do it as just a junior in high school is really remarkable. During our sit-down interview, I was able to get a great feel for James’ personality and persona allowing me to get an in-depth look at the style of his writing.

When I first met James, it was in the Student Center and actually because of this interview. James projected a portrait of how he thinks which is in fact similar to how he writes. Dynamic. This interview brought together an insightful experience for me not only talking to an interesting writer but a really interesting person.

James has always been an avid fan of the creative arts. He has participated in school plays and took an elective writing course for the sole purpose of developing his passion. The Creative Writing course allowed him to further develop his creative ideas and turn them into what he wanted which was interesting writing that could be published.

At Mr. Matt Greenfield’s request, James Berner entered his play into competition.

According to James, winning a writing competition is pretty cool, especially when the prize is publishing your play. The event was known as the “Marilyn Bianchi Kids’ Playwriting Festival.’” James’ play was selected as the “Play of Meriotious Distinction.” His first attempt at competitive writing resulted in award publishing.

Why was his writing so unique? What about his style and creativity allowed him to create something good enough to win?

James shrugged at my questions and looked around the Student Center. After some time he said, “I’m a big fan of plays as acting is really the culmination of all of the arts.”

An enjoyment of plays and appreciation for the imagination motivated James to create an interesting, and ultimately award winning play. James allowed his personal interests to have free reign in a completely opened mind. He created from ideas that intrigued him.

James titled his finished play, When the Rain Stops. He likes leaving interpretation up to the audience. His creative mindset allowed him to delve deep into his interests and craft a thought-provoking story to be shared. With two characters and a setting in mind, he simply wrote from there. The characters and the setting would change through many trials and errors but the main idea stayed put.

Having reviewed his winning manuscript, I believe that his writing won due to his compelling creativity as well as his excellent writing style. His creative mindset captivated me. Ultimately, that is a goal of any play. I was genuinely entertained and I look forward to hearing more about his work. I’m a James Berner fan.

After meeting James, I now think that being creative and being yourself in your writing is one of the most important things you can do. James taught this hockey player that the best ideas can come from your own personal interests. If he’s so inclined, I have plenty of hockey stories to share. Maybe there can be a hockey hero somewhere in literature.

Be on the lookout for James Berner, an up-and-coming Gilmour talent!