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Major Signings in Gilmour Athletics

Photo shoot of all of those who were apart of the signing session Spring 2018.

Seventeen Gilmour athletes have had signings to play their sports at the college level this year, four back in December and 13 more in the month of April.

Dechlan Kirincic (’18) is going to play basketball for Marian. He finds it relieving, knowing that for his next four years, he gets to play the game he loves with a full ride scholarship. Kirincic is in relief that his parents don’t have to pay for his tuition, that his family can save the money. He said, “The only stressful part about being a student athlete is knowing that the road ahead will probably not be too easy, balancing academics and athletics.” Now he looks forward to playing in a more fast-paced environment and to play with more skill, instead of relying on talent. Kirincic feels that a “thank you” is not enough for all that Gilmour and the coaching staff that has put so much dedication into helping Kirincic become a disciplined college athlete. He will always remember where he came from.

Ava Thomas (’18) is going to Yale for track/field. Thomas finds the commitment and signing, a dream come true. She knows that balancing college academics and athletics will be stressful. For as exciting this feat is, Thomas looks forward to “meeting a new group of people on the track team. I imagine everything will feel different…from the training to the travel.” She can’t wait to put on a Yale jersey, but will miss the Gilmour jersey which had “Lancers 220” on it. She can’t believe the change she went through in four years, especially being a Senior Captain on the team. She thanks Gilmour for the support she has received. Thomas is also very thankful for her teammates that pushed her to her best, encouraged her, and shared the same high enthusiasm and intense competition.


Mckenna Gehner (’18) is going to Midland University for hockey. Gehner feels relieved to be playing the game of hockey for another four years. She also feels great getting recognized on becoming a college athlete, a huge achievement. Gehner looks forward to the level she will be playing. Also, to be playing against her former Gilmour girls prep hockey teammates. Gehner said, “I look forward to the recognition from the school and students of the sport. The difference is now I am on scholarship for hockey which feels more professional and respected.” Gehner wants to thank her parents, coaches, and friends from her hometown in Sioux City, Iowa. She thanks them for their massive support, especially being hundreds of miles from home. She is also thankful for the opportunity her parents have gave to her by sending her to Gilmour.

Morgan Tefft (’18) signed to Norwich for hockey. Morgan is in relief that she gets to play hockey for four years. Her most nervous feeling was when she signed, which is a big commitment. She looks forward to meeting new people, new teammates, and playing against old friends who left the Gilmour girls prep hockey team years prior. Morgan said, “I feel like it will be very similar to my high school experience because of how well my coaches prepared me.” She thanks Gilmour for its tremendous support of the Prep program. Morgan especially wants to thank her teammates and coaches for helping her improve skills through long hours on the ice.

Daniel Menges (’17) is the fifth hockey player signing this year. Menges is going to play Junior Hockey at Coulee Region Chill. He feels nervous about going into a Junior League, but says it’s good, because being nervous adds to the motivation to work harder. Menges feels relief because he knows for the whole off season that he is on a team. There is stress though, because if he doesn’t perform, he could be traded or released. “For junior hockey,” he said, “I most look forward to competing with and against players who are committed to Division 1 Hockey schools and even drafted in the NHL.” Menges also looks forward to competing against older experienced players. Menges thanks Gilmour for giving him the opportunity. He especially thanks the coaching staff for always being open to work with him at any time.

Naz Hillmon (’18) signed with Michigan University for basketball. “As a signed athlete,” she said, “there is a lot of weight lifted off of my shoulders. Everything is pretty much set in the college process. There is some stress, because I’m still trying to impress my coaches at Michigan.”

After helping the Football team improve to 7-3, Tyler Leroux signed with the University of Buffalo for football. The DL/OL All-Ohioan made his commitment signing on December 20, 2017 in the Gilmour Athletic Center. Leroux said, “I made first connections with the coaches from Buffalo through Twitter direct messages. They asked me to come up for Junior Day.” In Buffalo, the college offered him a spot on the team that day.

Other signings include…

Ben Foltz (’18) has signed with Wooster to play golf.

Dylan Henry (’18) signed for track/field at Villanova.

Lucia Cannata (’18) is going to John Carroll for track/field.

Kelly Cingel (’18) will be playing hockey at Miami.

Gab Venne (’18) is going to Hamilton College for hockey.

Chase Filicko (’18) will be heading to Mount Union to play volleyball.

Erin O’Connell (’18) is going to Capital University for volleyball.

Izzy Greene (’18) is going to play soccer for Dayton University.

Logan Wright (’18) is heading to Walsh College for baseball.

A verbal commitment…

Annie Greene (’19) as a junior, verbally committed to Northern Kentucky University for soccer. She said, “I look forward to meeting new people and being part of such a great program at NKU! It will be my first autumn for many years without cross-country, so I am a little sad about that. Of course, it is still the same game that I love. And similar to Gilmour, I will be surrounded by people who push me to do my best in the game of soccer.”

Gilmour Academy wishes these signed athletes the best of luck in their careers that they have all sacrificed long hours for.