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Figgie Field Has Opening Day May 3, 2018

Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium as of February, under construction, with the turf lied down on the field.


A shot of a finished Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium.

As of May 3, 2018, Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium is in use for years to come. The Gilmour Academy Lancers Varsity Baseball team has beat the University School Preppers Varsity Baseball team 10-1 at the home opener of Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium. With the team going 2-1 on the opening weekend. The new field on Gilmour’s campus right next to Weber Stadium (Gilmour’s football field), more students and family members are coming to the games, a new field brings recognition not just to the Lancers baseball program, but to the Lancers athletic organization as a Whole.

Figgie Field

Gilmour’s Varsity Baseball field, also know as Figgie Field, was planned to debut by the start of the season. The season for Varsity Baseball will start in March during spring break, the home field will temporarily be the JV field at the Lower School. The top contributor towards Figgie Field is Mr. Matthew Figgie and his foundation called the Figgie Foundation.

The Ceremony

According to Instructor, LS; Humanities K-6 Academic Leader; Head Coach-Varsity Baseball, Mr. Jay Fowler a Gilmour grad from (’99). Opening day will have a field dedication ceremony to honor Matthew Figgie, the Figgie Foundation, as well as the late Coach Ray Sharnsky. That field dedication ended up in the Field House due to rain with FOX8 capturing the ceremony. The field is now officially known as, “Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium.”

Field Details

When Mr. Fowler (’99-00) gave me the details of the field, I got very informative details.  The people working on the field had to drive through Ohio from Cincinnati. Then the on and off Northern Ohio weather caused delays for the completion of the field

Figgie Field at Sharnsky Stadium gets the backdrop installed. The field under snow back in February.

The Process

Now here’s what the workers did, details coming from Coach Fowler. They initially put new drainage across the whole field. Then they leveled the land, placed different layers of stone down, then a shock pad. Later synthetic turf’s sewn together and cut into the shape of a baseball field. Later, they have to cut out the batters box, the foul lines, the areas for the logo, and glue all of that down. Lastly, they put the infill which gives the turf the extra cushion. Then they had to construct the fence, the bullpens, the mounds, the backstop, and the temporary dugouts. In the end, synthetic turf is covering the field.

Thank You

Gilmour Academy would like to thank Mr. Figgie and his foundation for making this dream of a new, modern, safe field come true.