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Our Lady Chapel Gets New Screens 

Gilmour students enjoy new screens during Convocation.

The new screens in the Our Lady Chapel have actively been used since their Convocation debut on January 30. At first, they had a few kinks that needed to be straightened out, but things are running smoothly as of recent.

Installations include two new 156” screens, two 90” screens near windows on each side for people in back, louder and clearer new speakers, a single screen for presenters above the center doorway in the back of the Chapel, and an internet hub for faster internet speed.

Screens on the left are especially helpful to sophomores and Middle School students.
Screens on the right are especially helpful to juniors and freshmen.

According to Father John Blazek (’58), Chapel Campus Minister, “The first basic idea of this project was pitched by Gilmour alumni Lillian Heryak (’09).”

Izzy Greene (’18) said, “The old screen was useful for sharing information with the school because of its size, but some things were hard to see. The screen was fuzzy, and the lighting wasn’t the best.”

Mr. Matt Greenfield is the faculty director of Convocation. He said, “The old screen was cumbersome to set up. Once you finally got it up and running, it was a terrible view for those side seats and presenter seats. The new screens have offered great view and sound for everyone to enjoy. Also, it was difficult for people to give presentations because they had to turn around to see the screen.”

Presenters follow directions posted on the screen at the back on the Chapel.

With Father John’s help and support, Greenfield continues to direct Convocation presentations from behind the podium. The tech office has been instrumental in handling technical issues.

During Mass on Ash Wednesday, students sing the words displayed on the screens.

Father John said, “I think that the new system has opened a better avenue for all to spiritually reflect on various liturgical seasons, prayer services, and masses.” Some examples he provided include inspirational quotes on the screen when people pass the Chapel for lunch, or providing bright word lyrics so everyone has a chance to fully participate at Mass. He said that “most adults lived in the ‘WYSIWYG’ (what you see is what you get) era, so this technology is mind blowing, but definitely for the better.”

Father John Blazek uses the control panel to operate the screens.

Jonny Botek (’17) said, “Sophomore year, the chess club presented a rap music video from Kenny Kirchner. The picture and sound weren’t nearly as clear as we desired. Hopefully the new system can provide sharp images that allow students to present themselves in their truest essences.”

Greenfield believes these technology advancements are for the better and have made Convocation a “concert-like” experience. He said, “In all seriousness, these screens do not get in the way of the solemn, sacred occasions held in the Chapel. They have allowed for engaging presentations every morning, Tuesday through Friday.”

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