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Autism Awareness: A Great Cause at a Fun Game

The Boys Prep Hockey team supports autism through an annual fundraising game.

The Boys Prep Hockey team faced the U18 AAA Ohio Bluejackets at Gilmour Academy on February 9, 2018. This was no ordinary game as they were raising support for autism in the annual skate for a solution game.

The cause is supported by a variety of sports teams here at Gilmour Academy including the Boys Prep Hockey team, the Softball team, and the Swim team. The idea came about when Ms. Kristy Angelo, Associate Director of Athletics and assistant softball coach, had the idea stemming from one of the other softball coaches who had a child on the autistic spectrum.

Since 2011, the games raised over $14,000 in their short existence. Admission is whatever one would like to offer, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Autism Speaks Foundation. Angelo said, “This allows me to carry out the Gilmour mission and show my love for my close friend and her son.”

The Boys Prep Hockey team listens for the starting lineup.

Angelo pitched her idea for the fundraiser to Mr. Michael Chiellino, head coach of the Prep Hockey team. As a result, Chiellino started the “Skate for a Solution” game last year. Chiellino said, “We made $1,100 last year and have already made $400 this year. Our goal is $2,000.” The Prep team exceeded that goal by raising $2,201.

The game has touched many of Gilmour’s own including Prep Hockey assistant coach Mr. Joe Nook whose son is on the autism spectrum. Nook said, “It’s a community not only rallying around a team, but rallying around a cause. It’s awesome to see.” Joey Nook, Coach Nook’s son, participated in the game last year. He said,”I felt really happy at the game. I got to drop the opening puck.” The team thinks of Joey Nook as their #1 fan.

Colt Corpse plays for the Boys Prep Hockey team. Having a brother on the autistic spectrum, Corpse always appreciates opportunities to support those affected. Corpse said, “This is the most excited I have ever been to play in a game in my entire hockey career. I get to combine both the game I love with the love for my brother.” In relation to being a Gilmour student, Corpse added, “This is one of the biggest reasons I choose Gilmour. It’s an awesome event for a cause that doesn’t get enough attention.”

This ribbon is used to help promote events for autism.

The Lancers triumphed that night in a come from behind 6-3 win sealing the deal on a special night for everyone who participated. Up next is the softball team’s “Swing for a Solution” game on May 2.


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John Sullivan is a post-graduate student from Chicago. He came to Gilmour looking to advance his hockey career and has played on the schools prep team the last three years. He joined the Lance looking to make a difference in the Gilmour community. He see's it as an opportunity to voice the students opinions of the happenings at the school. Being a post grad and an athlete who lives in the dorms, he has a very versatile area of knowledge which he can use to write both insightful and accurate pieces.