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Snow and School: Cancellations Affect the Students


Snow and School: Cancellations Affect the Students

Madison Olsen (’20) poses for a picture on the first day back to classes.


The night of Wednesday, January 3, 2018, phones were buzzing as Gilmour Academy’s students, parents, and teachers alike texted, tweeted, and snapchatted to announce their school’s cancellations for the following two days. Students were delighted once again as their snow day predictions came true when school was canceled on Monday, January 8. As if the first week back to school couldn’t get more exciting, coming off three weeks of Christmas vacation and three snow days, school was delayed and then called off yet again on Friday, January 12.

Cancellations’ Effects

Although the extra long vacation was the icing on the cake for most students, the cancellations caused issues in regards to scheduling for many Gilmour families. “[The snow days] made for a bumpy start to the semester,” says Head of the Upper School, Brian Horgan. He explains that the Tuesday/Thursday class schedules were ahead of the Wednesday/Friday classes by two days, but now are caught up due to Monday class day changes. “Changing a few Monday schedules from Tuesday to Wednesday schedules was the best way to even out the classes,” assures Mr. Screnci, Department Chair of Mathematics and current Mathematics Instructor.

While the snow days provided students and faculty with an extended recovery time from vacation and partying, some people agreed that they missed school and are now glad to be back into their daily routine. Abby Bartlett (`19), was one of the few students who kept herself busy to enjoy the unexpected days off. “Yes, I enjoyed the snow days very much,” she says. “I know that they might not have been easy for teachers, but it gives students time to take an unexpected break in the middle of frantic times… I never got bored; I usually stayed home – I always have some assignment to catch up on – but sometimes I’d go out with friends or spend time with family. If not, there is always Netflix!”


Cody Tippen (’20) expresses his love and gratitude for the snow and snow days.

Christina Moore(`20), expressed her excitement to be back at school saying, “After a snow day I am usually glad to get back because I can have a more organized and similar schedule, but I won’t complain about not being in school.” When asked about how the days affected the schedules of her two hard-working parents, Moore responds, “They are fine just leaving me at home. It doesn’t affect them really; it’s probably better because they don’t have to go pick me up.”


One thing the majority of the students and teachers agreed on was to keep the snow days coming! After inquiring about the safety of driving on the roads, Madison Wagner(`19) voices her concerns about her peers driving in the icy weather. “I’m a big safety person. If it’s unsafe for one person, it’s unsafe for everyone. All it takes is one mistake, one second. So if the weather is questionable at all, school should be canceled.”

Along with Wagner, multiple other students agree that they would much rather stay home then risk going to school, despite the growing chances of adding days to the year. “We should be more concerned about road conditions,” says Moore. “With so many students driving there are a lot who are inexperienced in driving in bad road conditions. We should be careful about that.”

With spring weather approaching, students are still superstitiously sleeping with spoons under their pillows and flushing ice cubes down the toilet in the hopes of having another snow day. With four days already canceled, the likelihood of another snow day being called is significantly lower, but Gates Mills, Ohio, leaving parents, students, and faculty wondering if and when Gilmour will call another snow day.

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Kat Rankin ('20) is a sophomore at Gilmour Academy and lives in Moreland Hills, OH. After moving to Ohio in third grade, Kat attended St. Joan of Arc Catholic School. Kat has a passion for writing from a very young age, continuing it throughout high school by taking creative writing and joining TILT. She also participates in volleyball, cheerleading, and softball at the Academy. In her free time, Kat loves to read, skateboard, and take walks with her dog. As a new member of the Lance staff, Kat hopes to share some of her passions and positively impact her readers.