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Baking for Rainbows, Delicious Treats


Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital is located in Cleveland, Ohio. The doctors there work with young children who have medical issues and diseases. A few years ago, three of Gilmour Academy’s seniors decided to come together and form, Baking for Rainbows. This is a club where students bake desserts such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and other goodies for a bake sale. All of the money is the donated to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

The club first started when Maria Savani (‘18), Lucky Jaffe (‘18), and Erin O’Connell (‘18) wanted a fun way to make an impact in the community. This planted the idea of the charity bake sale. Gilmour has had a longstanding connection with Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Gilmour has other fundraisers for it such as the annual 5k Rainbow Run which is held during the summer.

Club President, Maria Savani said, “Each month we try and have a theme for each bake sale to make it fun for the students. Last month we had a Halloween bake sale. That was my favorite because we went all out with a fog machine and hot chocolate.” When asked  why she loved the bake sales so much, Savani said, “It’s a really fun way to get everyone into the spirit of the holidays as well.”

There are currently over 40 upperclassmen in the club, and they keep up communication through email as to who is baking and when. Last year was the first year the club was established, and they raised over $1,400. For this school year, they have raised $600 with only three bake sales thus far.

Anna Snelling (‘18), club member and active baker, said she bakes every month. Snelling said she has had much fun baking for the club. “I make homemade Oreos from a recipe, though most might know them as ‘whoopie pies’ because they resemble that look. I try to make about 40-50 sandwiches. Each sells for $2 creating a profit of $80-$90. Making these cookies is a two day process: first day for making the cookies and second day for the frosting.”

Lucia Cannata (`18) a consistent customer said, “This club opens a door of opportunity to both under and upperclassmen. Everyone can get to know one another and do something fun. I have always had a sweet tooth. When this club came about, I was able to purchase many delicious baked goods for such an amazing cause. I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face.”

This club continues to recruit students who want to pursue their passion for baking and help raise money for sick and suffering children. Bake sales are once a month outside the Lennon Boardroom during lunchtime.


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