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Homecoming Memories Made


For the 2017 Homecoming Dance, students from all grade levels gathered together for an evening in the Field House. From the Cupid Shuffle to slow dances, the student body appeared to enjoy every second of dancing, smiling, and having fun.

Caitlyn Compres (`20) said, “I went with a group of my friends and it was really fun to hang out and dance together.” With busy schedules, many students said they loved having the chance to spend time with their friends. The dance allowed the whole student body to gather together on a night meant for lifetime memories.

Sophomore girls enjoy their time together before the dance.

     The theme, “A Night in Cleveland” was portrayed both inside and outside of the gym. Jordan Nolan (`19)  said, “They brought more life to the dance by adding creative decorations outside the field house that caught our attention.” There were posters on display from every part of Cleveland from Little Italy to Jack’s Casino that made the theme come alive. The decorations helped set the tone of night and allowed the students to participate in a fun night in Cleveland.

The student council members put on a successful night as they filled the gym with decorations, food and music. Claire Jablonski (`21) said, “My favorite part was the music as we all danced along to our favorite songs.”

All grade levels got a taste of Cleveland at the 2017 Homecoming Dance. The students enjoyed food such as cannolis, ice-cream, cookies and refreshments. Without them, the 2017 Homecoming Dance would not of been as successful as it was.

Matt Roddy, Julia Schultz, Danielle Porter, and Jack Aleva enjoying their time together for their final dance.

Students are now excited for next year’s Homecoming dance as they are eager to make many more memories. For the seniors, this was the final farewell for Homecoming dances. Drew Casa (`18) said, “It is surreal to know that this would be my last dance after attending all the previous ones in the past.”  All the memories that the senior class has made at their homecoming dances will go along with them.

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