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Fall Sports Update


Soccer, Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, and Tennis are preparing for their postseasons  with of determination and heart.  What exactly does it take to advance far into the postseason, or even win a state title?  

 Boys Golf

The Boys Golf team is climbing to the top of the Division III rankings.  At states, Tucker Morris (‘19) scored a 70 and a 79, followed by Ben Foltz (‘18)  who scored a 77 and a 78, trailed by Jay Magyari (‘20) who scored an 80 and an 84 at states, followed by Liam Ottaway (‘21) who scored an 88 and an 84. Morris led the team to runner up at states and said, “It was definitely our reachable goal to win it all, but we came in second, so technically we are the first losers.” Boys Golf is thought to carry this motivation into the offseason and they plan to get better for next year.


Megan Brzozowski (‘19), has much to say about winning a State title.  Not only has she watched all three of her older sisters succeed through Gilmour’s volleyball team, but she has a state title under her own belt.

Brzozowski said, “Winning a state title is a feeling that you can’t put into words.  I was fortunate enough to win one with my sister, and we were always the little sisters in the stands watching our two older sisters.  All we wanted to do was be out there, and we finally got the chance to play on the ‘big stage.’  It is a feeling like no other. I can only hope to experience that feeling again.”

The current record of the volleyball team is 15-4. This year, they moved up to Division II, so it will be an even larger challenge for the girls this year.

Boys Soccer

Maximilian Mendels (‘19) is a three-year starter and a captain of the Boys Soccer team. The team has been facing different challenges in their regular season.  “We know that we haven’t been healthy all year due to different injuries, and a healthy team will make a big difference in succeeding in the postseason,” Boys Soccer 2-7-3 (W/L/T). Their biggest rival is Hawken School, who has the No. 1 seed in the district for Division II. The boys broke their 25 year win drought against Hawken on October 10 winning 3-2, scoring in the last two minutes of the game to beat the Hawks.


Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer has high expectations to have a repeat from the State Championship last year.  Alexys Foster (‘19) says that a lot goes into being a state champion.  “To get to the postseason, it takes extreme amounts of hard work and constant concentration on the big picture: Winning a state title.”  The girls are willing to push themselves past limits to get another state title.  Their record is 11-2-2 (W/L/T) and they are the No. 1 seed in the Division II bracket.  Their season is relatively similar to last year’s, but the postseason will be different because of the change in divisions.

 Girls Cross Country

The girls Cross Country squad will head to states on November 4.  Their lead runners are Katie Engle (‘19), Jorga Hlifka (‘20), Caitrina Barton (‘21), and Sophia Garofalo (‘20).  Izzy Greene (`18) explains what it takes to succeed in the postseason. She said, “Our biggest rivals are McDonald and Minster. I think to get far in the postseason, we must work together, run as a pack, and believe we can do it.”

Boys Cross Country

The boys Cross Country team will also head to states on November 4.  Leading the boys are Tyler Clark (‘19), Tim Diemer (‘19), and Connor Gerspacher(‘19), closely followed by Bryson Simpson (`20) and Cole Durdella (`20). They boys have rival teams they expect to battle at states.  Clark said, “Our biggest rivals are Maplewood and McDonald, who are also some of our biggest competitors for regionals.  Smithville and East Canton are also close following rivals. We have the ability to beat all of them. We definitely have a better front pack than all four of those teams. To succeed, we need to work together and bring Cole and Bryson up to the field so we can qualify.”


Girls Tennis

Girls Tennis is Division II and working hard to make their way to a state title.  Last year, Carly Cohen (‘20) finished second in states for doubles.  She says that this season was a lot of fun, but now the team has to focus more and work harder to prepare for the postseason. “I will prepare by spending lots of time on the court and working to become more aggressive in my play.  Because tennis is not a multi player sport, I have to focus on the positives while I play instead of getting too caught up in what the score is,” said Cohen.  



Gilmour’s Football team is currently 4-3. The team recovered from a tough loss versus their rival, University School, by defeating St. Joseph’s Academy 31-14. The boys are projected to finish around the 5 seed for Division 5 for the postseason. The team has no direct rivals they are preparing to face in the postseason, but they are preparing for anything.  


Much effort has been put into the fall sports seasons, and more will be put in to the postseason. Hard work, dedication, and passion are what many fall athletes say it will take to allow them to be ready for all challenges in the postseason.