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Second Chance on Skirt Length Needs Honoring

Girls consider their skirt lengths in accordance with the school policy of no more than three inches above the knee.

Skirt length remains an issue at the Academy. Teachers and students have reason to talk about skirt lengths being too short and if some skirts are inappropriate in a high school environment.

Last spring, Mr. David Pfundstein, the Dean of Student Life and Leadership, announced during Convocation that wearing socks for girls would no longer be an option. Many girls expressed shock. Why was this happening? What went wrong? Everyone turned to each other, mumbling and repeating these questions.

“I felt like some of my freedom was being taken away from me when we no longer had the option to wear socks. I have always followed the rules and it wasn’t fair,” said Lucia Cannata (`18).

The socks privilege had been taken away because skirt lengths were too short last year and girls were required to wear tights as a result. Over the summer, a number of girls talked together about not wanting to wear tights in the fall when they would be uncomfortable in the humid weather. The girls wondered if they could regain the privilege of wearing socks again by making sure their skirts were three inches above the knee. When the girls approached Mr. Pfundstein, he took the time to listen and gave all girls a second chance to make a difference.

Now that socks are allowed, the strict skirt rule must be followed. The skirts must be no more than three inches above the knee. If girls fail to follow this rule, an infraction will be enforced. The first infraction is a detention. The second is a phone call home. The third and final infraction will result in the girl having to wear pants for the rest for the year. Some girls have already decided to continue wearing tights to avoid taking any risks.

“I felt that it was necessary to wear tights to set an example for the underclassmen as well as my classmates to show the privilege of wearing skirts,” said Gianna Zucker (`18). The overall goal for girls should be to follow the skirt rule and keep current privileges.

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