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Jonny Botek: An Executive Values Friendship Most


Jonny Botek (`17) has discovered that the nature of his personality is not rooted in his achievements , grades, or awards. What really matters to him are good relationships.

Botek believes that true happiness lies within true relationships. He thinks that all people have to find something that fully fills them with genuine happiness, and he is grateful for the authentic relationships he has developed with friends and family over the years. In the spring of 2017, Botek had this revelation: in order to be happy, he must “consciously build [his] bonds with others.” In summary, Botek is focused on maintaining and creating new and exciting  friendships throughout his life.

One of the many friendships that Botek has made at Gilmour is with Jack Bujoll (`17). During the freshman retreat, Bujoll and Botek roomed together at Notre Dame in Rudy’s room. Little did they know,  this bonding time for the class would also be the start of an unbreakable friendship. Botek and Bujoll have remained strong friends and have been seen at homecomings and senior prom performing surprise dance routines. Above all things, Botek values his friendships, old and new.

After completing a personality test, Botek was identified as an “Executive.” The Executive personality is said to continuously build from a strong foundation during a friendship. The test also states that in order to develop strong relationships, executives like Botek will try to examine people’s thoughts and emotions towards different issues. An executive’s honesty and dedication are two  strong traits that have led Botek through his successful career at Gilmour.

Through college, Botek intends to be a strong-willed member of society. He is an executive who puts friendships first.

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