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Gwyneth Resch: Consul


Gwyneth Resch’s family instilled a sincere belief in her that inspires her to put people’s happiness before her own. Resch looks to her mother as an example because her mom “sparked [her] interest in reaching out and caring about everyone.”

Resch uses her outgoing personality to become someone else’s light. She likes to make others feel important. She also strives for people to feel comfortable in opening up to her in their times of need.

Resch’s philosophy for living a happy life is to enjoy the little things. She has learned that no matter how many things life throws at her, she can find happiness. She surrounds herself with friends and family because she trusts they will always be by her side and support her.

Resch values the calmness she finds in the world especially in nature. She soon wants to see the whole world and learn about different cultures and discover herself.

When Resch took a personality test, she tested as a “Consul.” A Consul personality type is summed up to be a spiritual cheerleader, and Resch is a varsity football cheerleader. This personality type explains Resch to always be the one to make others feel good about themselves, even at her own expense.

A Consul’s nurturing characteristic has led Resch to find a passion in serving others. During a service trip to Honduras, Resch was amazed by the genuine happiness on kids’ faces that had so little and such simplicity in their lives. This inspires Resch to further her mission to enjoy the life she has been given. Resch said, “As cliche as it is, everything happens for a reason, so trust what is going on in your life and trust that it will work out.” She trusts that everything we are going through helps us to be a better person each day.

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